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ALPHA Shooting Club invites all shooters who wish to step into the world of IPSC to attend 2-day IPSC Safety Course that will give basic knowledge and skills needed to participate in IPSC competitions of Level II and higher. 
After successful completion of the course shooters may join IPSC shooting club of their choice. 

Time and date: Sat 19.01.2019 09:00-17:00 (NB! Please reserve at least 2.5 extra hours for home assignment on the first day!) and Sun 20.01.2019 09:00-17:00;
Place: Study class and Indoor Shooting Range @ Pirni 5, Tallinn (see map and street view);
Language of instruction: Russian;
Course prerequisites: shooters must have basic gun handling knowledge and skills.

Learning outcomes:
On successful completion shooter...
     • Understands the rights and obligations of Safe Shooter according to Estonian legislation and Rules of Procedure of Estonian Practical Shooting Union (EPLÜ);
     • Knows IPSC handgun divisions and understands applicable requirements and limitations to firearms, ammo and shooter’s personal equipment;
     • Understands safety requirements of IPSC and rules of safe gun handling and follows them;
     • Understands the principles of IPSC competitions, course of fire procedures and scoring principles;
     • Is able to safely complete course of fire according to briefing and IPSC rules;

Equipment needed to attend the course: paper and pen on the first day. Holster (outer vertical holster that fully covers firearm’s trigger guard), 2 magazine pouches, trusted firearm and at least 2 magazines, 100 rounds of ammo on the second day. Good mood for both days is expressly welcomed.
Registration: Registration deadline is 12.01.2019
Course fee: 100 € per person (fee includes course participation, IPSC affiliation fee and ALPHA Shooting club entrance fee).

Questions and extra information:  +372 52 059 61 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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IPSC Safety Course usually takes place once in two months.

Previous courses: 
     • 2018: 28-29.01, 10-11.03, 5-6.05, 8-9.09, 10-11.11;
     • 2017: 7-8.10, 5-6.08, 20-21.05, 25-26.03, 28-29.01
     • 2016: 3-4.12, 22-23.10, 20-21.08, 11-12.06, 2-3.04, 23-24.01
     • 2015: 28-29.11, 28-29.03, 17-18.01
     • 2014: 11-12.10, 18-19.01
     • 2013: 16-17.11