About Us

Welcome to the ALPHA Shooting Club!


ALalpha001 thumbPHA Shooting Club was founded in September 2008 and at that time only had 12 members. By 2009 the members had increased to 34, during 2010 to 45 and by the end of 2013 to 60 members. Since founding the Club has become a full member of the IPSC and has official recognition to organize matches Level I - III.


ipscThe main goals of our Club are: development of the IPSC shooting as a sport discipline in Estonia and abroad, increasing the level of gun ownership culture and organizing of high-quality IPSC competitions in Estonian region.


ALPHA Shooting Club arranges:
IPSC courses for people of all ages who wish to join the International Practical Shooting Confederation. 
IPSC Master Class trainings for all levels of IPSC shooters from complete beginners up to very experienced.
IPSC competition matches of different Levels.